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Have fun at:

  • An open slide with a width of two meters, imitating a river torrent, called the Wild River, down the curvy and knobby path of which visitors descend with the help of rings.
  • A straight slide with a width of two meters, called Niagara, down the knobby path of which visitors descend with a maximum speed of 50 km/h with the help of rings.
  • Two completely closed dark pipes – the Black hole, down to which visitors descend, passing through unexpected curves, glimmering at some spots with pulsating lights.
  • The quadruple-track slide – Slalom is a major entertainment for a group of friends that had been challenged to compete.
  • The most exciting experience in Aquapolis is the high-speed slide type "Kamikaze". It is for people who enjoy extreme sensations. The launch occurs from a platform with a height of 18 meters and a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

As per the opinion of the Spanish specialists and of the foreign tourist operators, AQUAPOLIS – GOLDEN SANDS is the most beautiful entertainment park in Europe, due to the unique combination of nature and water attractions. The Spanish company "Action Park" is a world leader in the construction of similar facilities with over 90 water parks all over the world. The investment exceeds 10 million BGN.

"Aquapolis" combines the succession of civilizations, inhabiting the Mediterranean basin and committing their influence over the cultural tradition of the European nations. The name "Aquapolis" is a syncretistic unity of the ancient Greek word "polis" and the Latin word for water – "Aqua".