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“Aquapolis” had been divided into several zones:

  • “For adults”
  • “For children”
  • “Extreme zone”

The adult section accommodates the so-called Slow River, 300 meters long, passing by a water temple with a waterfall, water streams, rock fragments and temple ruins. This zone also accommodates a large pool for adults – a recreation spot, where the visitor can enjoy the magnificent park view. A bridge and a waterfall connect the pool to the balneology zone, in which several Jacuzzi and hydro-massage are located.

A fast-food establishment – restaurant “Ambrosia”, restaurant a la cart “Arcadia”, pool-bar “Neptune”, panoramic snack-bar “Alcazar”.

At the children shelter the attraction for kids is the pool with a large dragon, whose mouth sports a slide. The pool also accommodates a turtle and two small dinosaurs and several slides of varied length.

For our guest convenience

The park clients receive a magnetic watch at the entrance that grants them a single-serving entry and exit from the park. This magnetic watch also services an individual safety deposit box, for preservation of personal belongings.

The rules for the park use are located near the entrance; the officers from the “Information” department are located near the cash registry desks.

Over 150 people are employed by the Aquapolis. 32 of them are specially trained lifeguards, taking care of the safe use of water attractions and if necessary providing first aid. The water park has its own medical center and an ambulance. Next to each and every water facility an indication sign, describing the regulations of use – with bathing suit, without shirts or jewelry, with or without rings, etc.

The training of the lifeguards has duration of approximately one month and they are also responsible for the technical condition of the facilities. They are responsible for checking the cohesion and the supporting constructions of the attraction facilities before operation, subsequently run the water and test the facility personally and then sign to certify their flawless operation.

The work schedule of the water facilities starts at 10:00 a.m. till 06:30 p.m.